La société IMAC Audit est spécialisée dans l’expertise comptable Tunisie et la création d'entreprise en Tunisie

Invest in Tunisia

IMAC assist the foreign investors to implant their business in Tunisia. We offer specific and specialised services going from the survey of the project and the formalities of constitution until the definitive implantation and the efficient entry in exploitation in order to invest in tunisia.

With numerous incentives, in the form of tax exemption, investment bonuses, no-cost infrastructure, and assumption of employer’s share of social costs, Tunisia is considered one of the most welcoming countries through the world.

Why invest in Tunisia ?

  • A competitive liberal economy open to the world.
  • Human resources.
  • A dense and modern infrastructure.
  • Système légal.
  • Good quality of life.

Financial restructuring

Financial restructuring of the SME by the line of credit AFD n°4

In the setting of the effort to level the Tunisian economy initiated by the national authorities in preparation of the setting up of the free exchange agreement between the European Community and Tunisia, the AFD puts at the disposal of Republic Tunisia a loan of 30 million euro with a view to the the financial restructuring of its SME (Small and middle enterprises).

The focusing of this contest on the SME brought the AFD to take some supplementary precautions, in comparison to the previous contests to incite and to get these enterprises used to more of transparency accountant opposite their banks. In addition, the law of the number made imperative to modify the form of treatments of the financial restructuring demands and to increase the responsibility of the banks

In a general manner, the intervention of the AFD appears, in the continuity of the “setting to industrial level”, by the addition of the financial shutter of the financial restructuring to the technical components of the improvement of the productivity. This shutter contributes to reinforce the competitiveness of the enterprises by the improvement of their financial structure and by the sécurisation of their balance.

The philosophy of this loan rests on two complementary specific stakes compared with the previous credits:

The improvement of the practices of management of the small and middle enterprises resulting in the research of an improvement of the transparency of their management and their accounts.

The growth of the responsibility of the banks that goes together with an incitement to specialize some teams in the financing of the SME.

No criteria of size (investment turnover) or use is imposed, but the maximal amount of the ascription agreements will be up to 1 million dinars.

Intervention of IMAC

IMAC, as society of appraisal accountant member of the order of the Chartedred accountant of Tunisia, ability for the AFD missions, bring assistance to the installation and to the follow-up of the mission of financial restructuring of the beneficiary enterprise. To this consideration, its mission consists in a set of regrouped actions according to the two following phases:


The assistance of the SME in the preparation and the presentation of its restructuring file. The audit and the setting to level of the system of information and control of management and the assistance to the setting up of systems of reporting and information of management.


The assistance of the SME in the establishment of its financial states during a period of three years. The establishment of a quarterly report of follow-up of the setting up of the relative recommendations to the system of information and control of management. The establishment of a quarterly report on the execution of the financial restructuring.


International Representation

International Management & Auditing Company « I.M.A.C » works in the field of chartered accounting and it is registered on Association of the Chartered Accountant of Tunisia (O.E.C.T) from June 2002. The International Management & Auditing Company “IMAC” is proud to be a member of the Leading Edge Alliance which is a group of major independently owned accounting and consulting firms that share an entrepreneurial spirit and a drive to be the premier provider of professional services in their chosen market. The alliance is made up of almost 50 firms in America and Europe and range in size from US $8m to $40m. Being members of the Leading Edge Alliance provides additional resources that enable us to provide our clients with enhanced services.


  • The Alliance offers accounting and consulting services through a global network of firms, with 300 offices in 90 countries.
  • Access to the best and brightest teams of business advisers – a peer-to-peer connection that provides the right solutions for clients.
  • Innovative, practice-proven strategies for improving performance in management, business processes, finance, operations, information technology and marketing.
  • A leading knowledge resource for multi-disciplinary information and industry-specific expertise responsive to clients’ unique needs.
  • The strength to attract the highest quality team members.
  • The Leading Edge Alliance offers world class business advisory expertise and experience with innovation, progressiveness and quality.

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