La société IMAC Audit est spécialisée dans l’expertise comptable Tunisie et la création d'entreprise en Tunisie

Our strategy

International Management & Auditing Company “IMAC” is an accounting firm offering traditional accounting services and business consulting. IMAC serves the accounting and financial needs of businesses and individuals to enable them to realize their financial goals.

Our target markets include the following:

  • Businesses of more than 20 employees and/or DT1 million in annual sales, particularly those in the transportation, Agriculture and industries.
  • Growth oriented businesses that will benefit from advices in taxes,
  • Individuals with a net worth of greater than DT 500 thousand.
  • Diversifying our revenue streams and leveraging our core strengths will optimize our position for the future.

Situation Analysis

2.1 Market Needs

Our objective is to minimize the tax exposure of our clients and adhere to all state and federal tax laws. The bigger picture means that we are providing peace of mind for our clients – they are legally using their financial resources in the most productive manner possible. We work to make the complex understandable. We act in an advisory role to our clients that will enable them to better influence and optimize their personal and corporate wealth. We desire to make them more money and give them a better night’s sleep.

2.2 Marketing Strategy

Our marketing strategies are based on meeting the needs of existing and future clients. We will do this through leveraging internal and external business strengths and understanding the competitive environment. All marketing strategies work toward supporting our mission statement and realizing our stated goals. Our marketing strategies fall into these three categories:

  1. Revenue diversification, including industry specializationand advising for foreign investors.
  2. Fixed fee structure focus.

2.3 Value Proposition Our Value Proposition to the client is that we will do their taxes, financial planning, business accounting, etc. better than they do it. We will work closely with our clients to make sure we know what their goals are, where they are financially and where they want to be in the future so that every service we provide is personal and custom-tailored for our clients.

2.4 Critical Issues

The firm appears to be approaching a “mature” category. We have relatively low major opportunities, fairly low threats, limited growth potential, and relatively low risk. Critical issues for IMAC include:

  • Retaining clients is essential and will be determined by maintaining our reputation built upon professionalism, trust, accuracy, and timeliness.
  • Continuing to leverage our computer-based capabilities within the firm on a cost-effective basis.
  • Tracking results to better understand which marketing activities offer the best return.
  • Focusing on key market segments that will produce the greatest return.
  • Educating our staff so everyone takes a role in marketing the firm and not leaving this responsibility to the few “rainmakers” that now account for a large percentage of new business.

2.5 Financial Objectives

  1. Revenues of DT 700 thousand by year-end to realize a growth rate of 8 % compared to the previous year.
  2. Payroll expenses to increase no more than 8% compared to the previous year.

2.6 Marketing Objectives

  1. To realize an annual growth rate of 8 % greater than the previous year.
  2. To diversify our revenue stream through increased business consulting (non-tax related) activities to account for 26% or more of total revenues.
  3. Train the entire staff to understand, appreciate, and reinforce their role in marketing the firm.

International Management & Auditing Company “IMAC” has a solid and loyal customer base in a market that has experienced constant but slowing growth in recent years. We have increasing competition from a variety of sources. The firm is highly dependent on revenues from tax planning and preparation for businesses and individuals. These areas account for more than 75% of total revenues. This presents a long-term threat to the firm due to competition and changes in our market. We must diversify our revenue base to realize ongoing growth and stability in a changing industry.

Mix Marketing

3.1 Product Marketing

We need to fulfill the promise we make to each client – to provide them with the resources they need to reach their business and personal financial goals, with unwavering confidence in our firm throughout that process and, ultimately, throughout their lives.

3.2 Promotion

We will promote the firm through these critical marketing components:

  1. Enhance our profile within our targeted industries and areas of specialization by increasing our reputation for possessing unique expertise in these areas.
  2. Have the expectation that all employees will take on the task of marketing the firm as they approach their other areas of responsibility. We will track, give feedback, and acknowledge efforts, accomplishments, and results from these actions.
  3. Continue to use the technology we have, including our in-house computer capabilities and our website. Both possess incredible potential for future differentiation in an increasingly competitive market.

3.3 Advertising

We will advertise on “Local” portals online making sure that people always find us when they are looking for an accounting and finance firm in this area. Our website is currently live and working, but needs some revamping, both of content and features. The main focus of our Internet presence is to serve as a permanent, always-accessible information and branding tool for prospective clients, with a secondary goal of providing client-only features.

3.4 Website Goals

Our website goals are as follows:

  1. Convey professional, expert, yet personal brand.
  2. Communicate with current clients.
  3. Prospect future clients.

3.4.1 Website Marketing Strategy

Our web site marketing strategy is very simple. We need to have an up-to date very professional website that reflects the brand and image of our company. When a lawyer, or banker or stock broker refers a client to us, we want them to be able to visit us online and get a very good sense of who we are, what we do, and why we are the best. We will do some very basic pay-per-click online advertising in local portals in order to attract clients who are searching for our services. Other then that our website will be used mainly to attract word of mouth referrals and will be used to continue to market and communicate with our existing clients.

3.5 Service

Our busines and individual clients judge our competence based on how we treat them. This is their primary and in many cases their only – measurement of our capabilities. We must ensure that each of our clients will answer positively to these questions:

  • Do they act in a professional manner?
  • Do they know who I am?
  • Do they remember my name?
  • Are they genuinely concerned about my best interest?
  • Will they defend their advice and council if needed?

3.6 Sales Plan

Our sales plan hinges on making a good impression from the moment clients or potential clients walk in the door or call. It costs us much more to gain a new client than to retain an existing one, so our main sales goal is to increase billable hours from existing clients. We should focus our strategy on increasing billing hours with current clients while still giving them a lot of value for the money they spend, as well as converting new clients.

3.6.1 Sales Process

Once we get a new client referral we will make sure we set up a welcome meeting for them at no charge. This way the new client will have an opportunity to spend at least one hour with the relevant professional asking questions and understanding the services that we offer. All prospective clients will also receive a packet with relevant information:

  1. How much we charge per hour
  2. What services we offer
  3. How we implement those services
  4. Which account manager will see them though all services and will be their “go to” person
  5. Happy client testimonial

Our experience has proven that the most significant factor in acquiring new clients is a direct result of referrals from our existing client base. In 2005, more than 80% of our new clients directly or indirectly resulted from a referral by an individual or business client. Client retention is essential. Receiving referrals from them will determine our success or failure. People ask other people they know, trust, and share a similar financial position to tell them what firm or CPA to use. It is as simple as that. Our marketing mix will consistently work to optimize the volume and quality of those referrals.

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