La société IMAC Audit est spécialisée dans l’expertise comptable Tunisie et la création d'entreprise en Tunisie

Our services

Our Services vary from accounting and commissionership to more specific missions at the request of our customers and requiring a greater specialization.

Des prestations de service de qualité

Chartered accounting

  • Audit;
  • Accounting assistance ;
  • Firm evaluation ;
  • Accounting consolidation.

Firm’s organization

Firm Consulting

  • Management’s Audit ;
  • HR advices ;
  • Projects researches … Read more

Social’s mission

Social’s mission

  • Managing the relation between the enterprise and the personnel, from inter into an agreement… Read more

Legal and fiscal assistance

Legal and fiscal assistance

  • Firm creation, merging / dissolution ;
  • Legal report redaction ;
  • Recovering firm with financial difficulty ; Read more

Firm consulting

Firm’s organtisation

  • The design and installation of procedures guidebooks ;
  • The design and the assistance with management information systems installation (ERP, or not standard specific Systems, CRM, XRM, SCM, HRM, PDM…) ; Read more

Data processing audit and assistance

Data processing audit and assistance

  • Auditing the computer security to assure the IT system of he enterprise . Read more



  • The outsourcing consist on entrust to IMAC to do any activity that the enterprise fell hard for it to do (accounting, internal audit, management, humans resources)

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