La société IMAC Audit est spécialisée dans l’expertise comptable Tunisie et la création d'entreprise en Tunisie

About LEA

About LEA

Presence in the world through network The Leading Edge Alliance

IMAC  is a member of The Leading Edge Alliance, an association of companies and consultancies independent accountants in over 90 countries selected for the quality of their services and expertise.

This network can handle the affairs independently, whatever your needs, including :

  • Implementation assistance or relocation companies;
  • Transfer of a company seat, creating a branch or a subsidiary outside the country;
  • Evaluation of a foreign company shares or shares;
  • Negotiating special tax status, domiciliary companies, holding companies;
  • Negotiating contracts, representation;
  • Acquisition of a property tax status Negotiation individuals, domiciliary companies, holding companies abroad;
  • Tax and estate planning, taking into account the impact of double taxation agreements.
  • Our extensive experience in these areas in addition to practical knowledge from our correspondents.
  • Quality standards and ethics of members of the global network are the guarantee of efficiency and a high quality.
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